An aging bungalow gets a complete refresh.


For the Hillcrest Residence, located in an up-and-coming Los Angeles neighborhood, Inchoate was tasked with revising the interior floor plan and a full update to the exterior cladding package, including all doors and windows.

The existing house, built in the 1940s suffered from too many partitions resulting in small, enclosed rooms with poor daylighting.  By removing the wall between the kitchen and the living space and reducing the size of the bedrooms, Inchoate created a large, open social space for cooking, dining, and entertaining.  Large windows at the west and east of this space let daylight pour into the home and captured the predominant breezes from the west, eliminating the need for A/C.  

Aluminum windows, with custom redwood trim, and integrally colored stucco completed the exterior look.  Large redwood decks at both the front and back further extended the social space from the interior into the exterior.

In the backyard, lush plantings give way to a large expanse of maintenance-free artificial grass with fruit trees at the perimeter.  In the front yard, displaced earth from the backyard was mounded and covered in CA native grasses, sedges, and sages.


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